Half Melted Crayon Painting

Well this story starts out on a low because I tried to make a star crayon. I thought that maybe I could put crayons in this star shaped pan and spray it with Pam spray and it would pop out after it dried...well that didn't work. The crayon spilled on the cookie sheet when I tried to take it out and it wouldn't pop out so I decided to think of something else...I decided that we could paint with half melted crayons. After they were liquid and were starting to dry, I waited till they were kind of a thick chunky paint texture and I used a skewer to spread it across the paper. It looked a lot like wet pastels on the paper and really cool! the colors blended beautifully and the best part was that it wasn't nearly as messy as regular finger paint. My little logen had a lot of fun spreading it on the paper with his fingers. This would be a fun art activity for any toddler, or elementary kid. heck, I even enjoyed it just for me.

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