a firework trick

I hope all you utahns had a good 24th of july. For those who don't live in this great state, it was utah's birthday on the 24th and so it's a holiday and we like to celebrate with fireworks. I have to be honest, we didn't do much. We have been laying tile in the bathroom so that took most of our time but we did watch a movie, and I bought some sparklers and smoke bombs and lit those off.

I found this awesome trick on pinterest for fireworks. I read that it's much easier and less scary to hold sparklers for a kid or really anyone if you put them in a play doh jars and then lite them in there. I tried the trick and it worked perfect. I don't even like holding sparklers cause I get all nervous but with the play doh jar, the sparkler stayed stuck and it wasn't as dangerous to hold them.