a house full of rainbow & color.

Each Room a Different Color, a Rainbow House

During the spring and summer, we often begin to think in color. We like bright colors, big patterns, and more vibrance. I think it's the sunshine--it just makes us excited. We want to be cool, and happy and we want summer to be easy too! I was thinking about how I want different colors through out my house so I don't end up with the same colors in every room which will eventually, make me bored. I love dark colors, and whites. Those are pretty much what I choose every time. When I was searching through magazines and on pinterest, I found this bright yellow room and then this orange room and I actually liked them! lol, that never happens. I ussually stick with navy's, reds, blacks, and white. I realized it must be the summer talking...but either way, I decided to create a blogging rainbow house. You could choose a different color per room and keep color through out your entire house. It's a pretty good idea if you are buying a new home or remodeling/redesigning your own.

I do have a few places in my home that are full of color. One is this giant fence full of colorful pictures in my living room, and I love it! It's one of my favorite parts of the house because it brings life and love into my home. I truly never got bored from it because it definitely stands out from the rest of my house. anyway, something to think about....a rainbow house. each room a different color. take a look:
white bathroom
yellow laundry room
orange kids room
pink nursery

red kitchen
teal teen room
blue master bedroom

green living room
purple hallway
brown guest room
black dining room