50 crafty & creative cupcakes!

50 Crafty, & Creative Cupcakes

cupcakes are all the craze right now! and for good reason. They are portable cakes that are adorable, easy to eat on the go, and come in any and every flavor. I am always amazed at the creative ideas and flavors that are put into a cupcake. I have gathered quite the list--in fact, 50 creative and crafty cupcakes that will make anyone's taste pallet water. Some of these flavors are bold while some are simple and sweet. Some of the decorations are professional while others are so simple, anyone could make them. take a look at all of the unique and delicious combinations. Click on an image to see the source.
cherry icee cupcake
1. cherry icee cupcake
coca cola cupcake
2. coca cola cupcake
heart and powdered sugar cupcake
3. heart and powdered sugar cupcake

owl oreo cupcakes
4. owl cupcakes
cherry vanilla cupcake
5. cherry vanilla cupcake
lemon trio cupcake
6. lemon stacked cupcake
christmas tree cupcake
7. christmas tree cupcake
pistachio cupcake
8. pistachio cupcake
french toast cupcake
9. french toast cupcake
peanut butter cookie cupcake
10. peanut butter cookie cupcake
corn on cob cupcake
11. corn on cob cupcake
caramel corn cupcake
12. caramel corn cupcake
candycorn cupcake
13. candy corn cupcake
peanut butter cupcake
14. peanut butter chocolate cupcake
pink lemonade cupcake
15. pink lemonade cupcake
blueberry cupcake
16. blueberry cupcake
fresh strawberry cupcake
17. fresh strawberry cupcake
rainbow cupcake
18. rainbow cupcake
reeses cup cupcake
19. reeses chocolate cupcake
cookie monster cupcake
20. cookie monster cupcake
pink rose and coconut cupcake
21. pink rose cupcake
frosted ladybug cupcake
22. frosted ladybug cupcake
butterfinger cupcake
23. butterfinger cupcake
chocolate rose cupcake
24. chocolate rose cupcake
24 carrot wedding cupcake
25. 24 carrot wedding cupcake
chocolate high top cupcakes
26. chocolate high top cupcake
27. minnie and mickey cupcakes
sesame street cupcakes
28. sesame street elmo & big bird cupcakes
gummy fish cupcake
29. gummy fish cupcakes
flower lollipop cupcake
30. flower lollipop cupcakes
gone fishing gummy cupcake
31. gone fishing cupcakes
carrot cupcakes
32. carrot cupcakes
peanut butter cup and chocolate cupcake
33. peanut butter chocolate reeses cupcake
mashed potato and peas cupcakes
34. mashed potato and peas and corn cupcakes
watermelon cupcakes
35. watermelon cupcake
princess crown cupcakes
36. princess crown cupcake
ice cream cone cupcakes
37. ice cream cone cupcake
lavendar tea cupcakes
38. lavendar tea cup cake
ballerina cupcakes
39. ballerina shoes cupcakes
wedding and blossom cupcakes
40. wedding elegant chandelier and blossom cupcakes
hydrangea cupcakes
41. hydrangea cupcakes
orange dreamsicle cupcake
42. orange cream chocolate cupcakes
oreo cheesecake cupcake
43. oreo cheesecake cupcakes
pumpkin cupcake
44. pumpkin whipped cupcake
chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake
45. chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake
cinnamon toast crunch cupcake
46. cinnamon toast crunch cupcake
cotton candy cupcake
47. cotton candy cupcake
rice krispie cupcake
48. rice krispie treat cupcake
rose frosted cupcake
49. rose frosted cupcake
popcorn cupcake
50. popcorn cupcake