Poems for Dads

My husband loves to write silly poems on cards. No matter what the holiday, he always comes up with something great to put on a card. He sometimes writes little poems on scraps of paper and leaves them for me on the fridge. They sometimes start with roses are red....but they are always hillarious and silly. I thought for fathers day we could write one back for him except I wanted some inspiration so I went looking for some great fathers day poems. Their are a lot of poems for dads out there and some are great, but some are just soooo cheesy. Some of the ones below I found on pinterest and I really liked, but they aren't too over the top. Hopefully I'm not the only one that can benefit from some good poems for dads, daddy quotes, things to say to this fathers day.



Elisa Hirsch said...

What a touching, timely post. I'm getting excited for Father's Day. It always feels nice doing something great to show my dad how much he's appreciated.

Erin said...

Thank you for this!! I have the most wonderful Dad in the world and I teared up as I read each one of these!! Everyone of them could apply to him.

Rosann said...

This is so sweet. Thank you for sharing. My daughters are looking forward to telling their daddy how much they love him on Father's Day. :)