Fourth of July White Bean Patriotic Wreath

I love the fourth of july. I feel like it brings everyone together despite our differences and even if it's just for a day, it feels good. I decided to create a patriotic wreath. I wanted something simple, easy, and affordable and so I went searching. I looked through pinterest, then on my google search and I found many blogs with fun ideas (most were a little too complicated) but I took lots of little things from blogs, pinterest, and other sources and composed my own with them together.

patriotic white bean wreath for the 4th of july

you will need:
  • a medium wood wreath ($1 at the dollar tree)
  • white navy beans (I used a very small amount but bought one bag at walmart for $2.00)
  • white spray paint ($1 at walmart)
  • patriotic ribbon (whatever you like, I got mine at walmart and it cost about $5.00 total but I chose expensive ribbon)

you will also need:
hot glue gun with hot glue sticks, and scissors

to make the wreath you will start to hot glue the white navy beans around the wreath. It does not need to cover the wreath completely. just take a branch and follow it down until it seems hard to keep following and then choose another place to follow and hot glue beans. Once you have finished it will look fairly even but it does not need to be perfect. As my motto on
the dragons fairy tail blog says, "perfect is boring". Once your beans are glued, you will want to spray paint the entire wreath white. Again, don't worry about it being perfect but definitely get a good nice coat of white on. After it dries, simply tie the ribbon at the bottom. I left a lot hanging, I like it that way. You can really do it however you like. I tied each ribbon one at a time on top of the other. It worked well for mine. Just take it slow and play with it a little.

I hope you like! and have a wonderful fourth of july.

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