N is for Nutella Recipes

Oh man, I am addicted to Nutella. I have to have a piece of nutella toast pretty much every day. It's my dessert and I never get sick of it. The creamy hazelnut spread melts in your mouth and it sure makes me feel like I'm eating a healthier form of chocolate even though, well it's not that healthy. I have created a round up of nutella recipe ideas and they are so yummy. All of these look pretty easy. I have never tried making anything with nutella but I have been thinking about it lately and so I went searching for recipes and figured, I would share what I found.

nutella pizza

If you have an awesome recipe you make that uses Nutella, I would love to hear about it so definitely share in the comments. And for those who have never tried nutella, well you should definitely add it to your grocery list. It's near the peanut butter and man is it delicious! (also, just click on an image and it should direct you to the source)

peanut butter nutella panini

nutella twix bars

nutella shortbread cookies

nutella covered bananas

nutella kiss cookies

nutella spicy bacon

nutella creamy brownies

nutella cupcakes

nutella brownies

spicy nutella truffles

nutella chocolate tart

nutella pancakes

nutella shots