Herb Gutter Garden & Lettuce is back!

I have planted my rain gutter lettuce garden and I am very excited to start seeing little lettuce seedlings again. My husband helped me out this project as you can see by the pictures. He is awesome. Anyway, They should be coming up in the next few weeks and so I will keep posting about this as they happen. For those who don't know, I made a lettuce garden by attaching rain gutters to my siding. Click here to read all about how to install a rain gutter garden and how well the rain gutter lettuce garden worked. It was a huge hit last year and worked so well. The lettuce was crisp and healthy. It also had no issues with bug infestation or anything because it was off the ground. It's perfect for small spaces!
This year, I am planting the same lettuce but I have also decided to try cilantro and green onions. These both will take a little longer to sprout but should hopefully be a success when they are done. I am very excited and hope all three will turn out. It was so nice last year to go pick some lettuce for our dinner salad each night and it was such a simple innovation.