Week 2

Cruz is two weeks old. It already is going by fast. I am trying to enjoy each moment. It's hard sometimes when I get no sleep, lol, but I love my little guy so much already and know that I will miss these newborn days very soon.

Cruz went for his two week appointment and weighs 6 lbs. 9 ounces which is great. He gained some weight! He is the 5.07th percentile. He is also in the 15th percentile for height however his wiggly little self makes it hard to get an accurate length. His measurements have been all over the place and we are quite sure he's not shrinking. lol. All we know is he is around 20 inches long. His head circumfrance is 34.3 cm which is in the 7.26th percentile.

Our little guy is such a cuddler. He loves to be held, swaddled, and cuddled up next to mom and dad. He has been more alert this week and we've enjoyed seeing his eyes and funny expressions. He is also very strong like his brother. He already likes to roll to his side a little and lift his head some. Jared and I have decided he looks like a little old man with his wrinkled forehead and crazy hair do.
Logen doesn't care to hold him yet but he does enjoy touching his nose and eyes. He is very excited about having a new member of the family. He enjoys pushing all of the buttons on Cruz's swing and making it go a little too fast (even if mom tells him not to). Dad loves to hold him and have quality cruz time. They are already very close.