Plastic Easter Egg Votive Candle Centerpiece

Plastic Egg Votive Candle Centerpiece

This is my plastic easter egg candle holder. It was super simple to make, and I think it looks quite cool as a table center piece. Plus, it gets rid of all those extra plastic easter eggs.

To Create This, you will need:plastic easter eggs (I used extras I had at home, they cost a dollar for a bunch though)
  • 1 picture frame with a flat surface (I found this at thrift store for 2.00)
  • some small screws that won't go through the frame (we got the smallest we could find) (these cost about 1.00)
  • a picture or graphic to go inside the frame (I got this printed at home for .20)
  • votive candles (I had these at home, but you can find them at a dollar store for a pack)
total cost = $5.20

1. find regular sized plastic easter egg bottoms. You will need to test them out to make sure a votive candle will fit in them. Most do, but a few I had didn't fit the candle inside them even though they appeared to be a regular size.

2. screw the nails into the eggs and into the frame using a drill. We used a drill bit first to make it easier to drill through. You can measure them or just eye ball it. The frame needs to be flat so that you can screw the eggs into it. It also need to lay down flat so it can be a table centerpiece.

3. After you have done this, place the easter graphic into the frame. Then simply place each votive candle in the egg bottom and you're done!

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To print this graphic, simply click on this link here:. It will direct you to the easter egg page on the site where you will see this project and a file where you can download and print the graphic for it. You can also refer to this post:
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