Crafty Pumpkins

The Rainbow Pumpkin.
you will need:
rainbow feathers
small pumpkin (we used a pie pumpkin cause it was cheaper)
elmers glue glitter glue for stump (optional)

simply glue feathers in any order you want. I did it by color and let it dry. I
put some glitter glue on the stump as well.

The Foam Letter Pumpkin.
you will need:foam letters and shapespipe cleaners small pumpkin (we used a pie pumpkin cause it was cheaper) pins
simply stick on any foam letters and shapes in the order you like. I did lots of "boo" and shapes. Then twist a few pipe cleaners to create what resembles a stump. take off and remove the stump (or like ours, it was already gone...we're not sure what happened) and pin the pipe cleaner into the top of the pumpkin. The great thing about this pumpkin is you could peel off the stickers and remove the stump and carve it or use it later since it hasn't been harmed too much.

glow in the dark polka dot pumpkin
glow in the dark polka dot pumpkin

The Glow in the Dark Polka Dot Pumpkin

I used a small pumpkin and carefully wrapped a stocking around it. I used a stocking for .50 at walmart and it fit fine. It does take a little maneuvering. I also put the "toes" of the stocking around the stump so I did a different way that others often do.

I tied a piece of ribbon around the top to bring the stocking together and make it tighter.

I used glow in the dark craft paint and dipped the bottom of the craft paint bottle into the paint and dotted it into the pumpkin. This made for some eery polka dots that were defintely not perfect but look perfect for halloween.

I'm excited to see it glow in the dark. I will post pictures of the glow as we get closer to halloween.