sweet potato chips.

so simple baked sweet potato chips, and really yum.


 1. preheat the oven to 350 degrees. thinly slice the sweet potato. be sure to make them pretty thin and all of them pretty even. you could put the really thin and small ones on one cookie sheet and the thin but a little thicker ones on another so they will cook evenly.

2. arrange them onto the greased cookie sheet and lightly salt. put them into the oven once pre heated and check on them about every 5 minutes. the oven time differs based on how thick the pieces are so you have to check them often. they should be pretty crisp when they are done, but obviously not burnt. just keep an eye on them. some took only 10 minutes and others took closer to 20 minutes.

3. take them off the cookie sheet and let them cool, then enjoy! they were really tasty. I'm excited to make more tonight. :)

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