my little skunk costume.

to make this costume, 
1. cut out a square piece of fabric for the stomach fur on the sweatshirt. I
turned it diagonally to look like a diamond and hot glued it to the stomach.

2. I then cut out a very long strip of white fur about 3 inches long and a
little over 2 feet long and began slowly hot gluing it to his hat. this took a
long time and a lot of hot glue. if you are a wonderful seamstress and wish
to sew during this step or both #1 and #2, that of course would last longer
but it was super easy and worked just fine to hot glue it. I am in NO WAY a
seamstress and do not plan on using the costume through multiple children.
You want to hot glue the fur all the way down the middle of the hat and let
the rest of the fur hang down behind like a tail. you can trim the tail
down if it's too long.
price breakdown--sweatshirt at the dollar store-- $1.00
walmart clearance black pants--$1.00
fleece snow hat at walmart-- $4.00
white fur at joann's fabric-- $7.00
glue sticks, scissors-- $0.00 (already had them)
total= $13.00
pricing tip*I had really hoped to stay under $10.00 with this costume and I definitely
could have if I had been smarter. The fabric was way more than I needed. I got a
1/2 yard and I probably could have gotten a 1/4 yard with ease. Also, I gave in
a bought a more expensive hat at walmart because the other ones I kept trying on
him were too bit or newborn hats. It is a one size adult hat but it was a little
more fitting so I bought the more expensive one. If you used a coupon at the
fabric store, got less fabric, or bought a cheaper hat--you would definitely be 
at or under $10.00   

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