ghost jars, boo!

these were fun to make. they aren't as perfect as I wanted them to be. It turns out I'm not that good at painted faces by hand, and I also struggled a bit with my bottles. the paint was peeling a little--oh well! It does give it a little more eery of a feeling which I will tell everyone is the look I was going

if you want to make these adorable jars, you will need:
white paint
canning jars
silver paint
brushes, I used a pencil eraser for eyes sometimes
silver ribbon

the directions are very simple.
1. paint the jars white. the inside of one of mine is blue. I left it that way because I liked it. If the jars are clear, you probably don't need to paint the inside.
2. hand paint ghost faces (or find stencils) with the silver paint.
3. tie silver ribbon around the top/bottom. I did it different on each jar


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