easter baskets under $10

Easter Baskets Under $10

I created some easter baskets that were really inexpensive, and I think turned out pretty
great. ENJOY!
Health Nut Basket

Easter Basket

Health Nut Basket

what I used:

1 bag of lettuce ($1)
bouquet of fresh cilantro ($.50)
1 lime ($.50)
salad dressing ($1)
6 carrots ($.50)
crunched tortilla chips ($1)
total= $3.50

*I placed tin foil at the bottom of the basket so that the salad is not
directly on the basket. I probably wouldn't suggest putting the dressing on it
and eating out of the basket because it still could leak even with the tin foil.
You could move it into a bowl first.

Sultry Nest Basket

Easter Basket
Sultry Nest Basket
what I used:
coconut ($2)
chocolate caramel eggs (pack of 8 -$2)
blueberry yogurt chooclates (in the nest -$1- at winco foods)
rasberry chocolate sticks ($1 at dollar tree)
scattered blue & white m n m's (leftovers from my house)
1 bag of easter grass ($1)
total = $7.00
*I toasted the coconut on the stove top with a little bit of
vanilla. The whole nest is in a small bowl and set in the basket.

Sugar High Basket
Sugar High Easter Basket
Elmo Easter Basket
what I used:
candy necklace ($.50 at winco foods-I actually got 3 for .50)
fuzzy tub colors ($1)
bathing suit ($2 on clearance at old navy)
bath wash ($1.50 on sale with coupon, smaller version is only $1)
cotton candy ($1-used as easter grass)
sixlets ($3 for a large bag)

total=$9.00*for the letter monograms on the baskets, I just had some
cardboard cut out letters. I used the cut outs, painted them, and punched a hole.
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