Pumpkin Apple Recipes

Apple Pumpkin Recipes

Since the fall is fastly approaching, I have 2 ingredients in mind: pumpkin & apple. I love both and thought it would be fun to find some recipes with both. Most if not all of the following recipes are desserts but everyone needs sweets in the fall....especially me. To see any of the sources and read how to make them, click on any of the images and it will direct you to pinterest where from there, you can read how to make them as you get ready for the fall, and the halloween. I have to say apples are good but I never crave them until the fall. take a look!

pumpkin apple donuts
apple pumpkin donuts
apple pumpkin butter
pumpkin apple butter
pumpkin apple soup
apple pumpkin soup
apple pumpkin muffins
pumpkin apple muffins
apple pumpkin bread
pumpkin apple bread
pumpkin apple turnover
apple pumpkin turnover
pumpkin apple crisp
apple pumpkin crisp
apple pumpkin pie
pumpkin apple pie
apple pumpkin pie
pumpkin apple pie