It's been a while...

I know, it's been a while. I will tell you that I have felt less inspired lately and have had a hard time writing a new tutorial or talking about paint. I am still obsessed with it. I can't help but dream of the Home Depot paint section, or the fun ways to make any room I walk into pop but, my house is for sale. It is time. I feel at peace with it but currently, I am kind of homeless. We are living with my parents until the house sells and until my husband finds a new job (I hate lay offs).

Making things seems difficult when their is so much going on. Everything is new right now and we are trying to adjust to a temporary life. We know that at some point, the house will sell and at some point, Jared will get a new job and then we will move out and find a new, amazing, and perhaps even better house or place than we had before but it's this time in the middle right now that is tricky.

Please be patient with me as things will change a bit for a while. Their will still be tutorials just not as many. Their will still be fantastic ideas but it might take me a bit to get back on my feet. I have every intention of becoming even better from this.

The site has some exciting and simplifying changes. I have written quite a bit about cleaning and organizing and becoming minimal this year, and that is still my goal, even with this darling diy blog. Please keep reading House of Paint. Please keep believing in what it can be and feel free to share any stories, advice, or tips for making House of Paint better.

Love, Kath