Mike & Sully Monster Costumes

Mike & Sully Monster Costumes

Since it's Thursday, and well...thursday's topic is about holidays; I thought I would post our costumes for halloween. This year we are going with a Monsters Inc. theme and so Logen will be sully and Cruz will be mike wazowski. I have wanted to do this theme for a long time and I found the sully vest at the D.I. thrift store for a few dollars which made me even more focused to do this as our halloween costume theme. I usually make their costumes but this year, I bought most of them however I do still have a tutorial for you! I bleached the clothes to make it tie dye which turned out super cool and made the costumes even better. I bought the mike wazowski onesie at amazon for $10 (it's a disney cuddly bodysuit). The sully vest was again only a few dollars because I got it at the thrift store. If you don't want to buy the sully vest full cost and you can't find one at a thrift store, I thought about it and you could just buy a purple or turqoise fleece vest or sweatshirt even (that should be easier to find) and then just hot glue some blue or purple polka dots cut out of felt onto the vest. Then attach horns using again felt on the hood and hot glue. for mike, you can find a green onesie and attach a felt circles to create the eye again with hot glue, so easy right!? we also found the monsters inc. helmet at the thrift store. ok so here are my best pictures for halloween this year, and I have to tell you they were VERY VERY HARD TO GET. We tried to take these pictures twice and both times, they were terrible. I didn't even get a good picture of them together so I am not including one but you will see a few at the bottom for our "gone wrong" pictures. Logen was most of the problem but Cruz was upset too. You will see the "gone wrong" pictures below and realize, and believe me...I'm only sharing a few....their were so many attempts at getting a good picture.

I also want to announce that jared and I are going to disneyland with the boys a week before halloween and we have decided to spend the money and go to mickey's not so scary halloween party while we are there so we will go in costume and trick or treat. I am super excited. Jared and I will dress up as the C.D.A. (child detection agency-the guys in yellow) while the kids are mike and sully. Hopefully we will get a good family picture then and the kids will behave a little better...we will see, after all, they are being little monsters.

Bleach Stripe Tutorial:

you will need

  • bleach
  • item of clothing
  • tape
simply tape off the part you don't want bleached. put some liquid bleach into a squirt bottle and spray the are of the clothing that will be lightened. leave the bleach on it until it looks like a good color and throw it in the wash. presto! you have striped clothing. (however I taped them super fast and so the stripes are more like wavy blobs. I think they look cool but if you want them perfect, be sure to tape really well. now a few things, BLEACH SHOULD NOT BE AROUND KIDS (I had a scary incident with logen this past week where he climbed and got a hold of a bleach squirt bottle in the laundry room) so be sure to keep it away from kids and label the squirt bottle so no one drinks out of it or thinks its water. Also some clothing fabrics bleach better than others. The cotton worked really well, the polyester fleece did not. The cotton actually bleached super fast so I had to rush it to the washer and it pretty much went white, it still looks cool though. Last, I had to wash the clothes twice to get the smell of bleach out of them.