backyard movie teen bash

my sister emily is turning 18 in a few weeks and she is having a birthday party that I am helping decorate and throw. It's going to be a ton of kids watching a movie in the backyard. My family purchased a groupon for a big screen and so it should be a lot of fun. My sister wanted something really casual and not "over the top" but a little bit of a vintage circus theme so I am trying to look around. Theirs definitely a line when throwing a birthday party where you don't want it to look like a wedding and you want it to be easy going and fun for teenagers but you also want it to be decorated well and cute!

we have found a few ideas on etsy, pinterest, google images but these ideas will be watered down a lot and made much more casual and fun. My grandpa has a popcorn machine which we will borrow and then we have to go looking for those vintage popcorn bags (I'm hoping they will be easy to find). We are also getting some candy and putting them in jars to give them a more vintage look. I'm trying to find a cool vintage cloth to use as the table cloth where all this stuff will be and then I am going to create a subway art sign with arrows that point to where the party is from the driveway. We are wanting some brown paper bags with fake candle lights in them, and then we were thinking mini soda cans as well. Here is some of our inspiration for the party: (if you are planning a similar party, I will have the actual party and how it went posted in a few weeks so come back and see!)