striped ikea nursery table

well a while ago I purchased the lack side table from ikea and the lack coffee table from ikea . They were pretty bland and boring so I decided to paint stripes on them and put them in my son's nursery for storage. here is how I did it:

1. first you want to tape it. tape the sides and the diagonal stripes however far apart or close together you want them. I didn't measure this but just eye balled it. They are a tiny bit off but look pretty cool without measuring. Be sure to use painters tape and really press down on the table and edges so that the paint doesn't get through. 


2. painting! get a spray paint and then be sure that nothing is in the way and spray paint the entire table. be sure to get corners and really cover everything. I had to do 2 coats. Let the paint dry for at least half a day before pulling the tape off. 

3. pull the tape off and touch up any areas you missed. I would put a little spray paint onto a plastic cup and just paint it in to fix spots. I used a cutip to fix the spots.

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