a nursery felt board

these last few weeks, I have been so busy. I do have many projects that are "almost done" but I keep changing them and anyways, I have lots of NEW NEW projects to post later today or tomorrow but in the mean time, I have a projects I've been wanting to show that I did a little while ago.

my husband and I decided to plan a lion king nursery for our son, logen. He is now 1 and so this project was a while ago. We wanted the nursery to be really heart felt and hand made so we set off to get inspiration from the lion king.

We decided we wanted to use bright colors. We used lots of deep blues, bright greens, bright reds, and bright oranges. It was so much fun created this nursery.

here is the felt board we chose to do:
easy diy felt board

you will need:

old frame
large piece of cardboard
scissors, tape, staples and stapler, measuring tape.

how to do it yourself:

we bought an old frame at a thrift store for really cheap. It didn't have glass or a back anymore which was perfect.

we also found a large piece of cardboard and we sized it to fit inside the frame. (about the size the glass would be if it was there)

we purchased felt at a craft store and covered the cardboard. We stapled it behind into place.

I printed off some lion king art work and attached felt to the back of the pictures so they would stick easily to the felt.

last I painted the old frame and stuff it into place, taping the back.

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