Rain Gutter Lettuce Garden

so as many of you know, I created a rain gutter lettuce garden this summer and have been posting about it periodically. Some of you have asked for
instructions on how to install the garden. Here are some step by step instructions and hopefully they will help you create the rain gutter garden. 

Step by Step Instructions
1. we purchased 2 10 ft rain gutters at home depot. You will also need
caps for them so that they are completely closed in on both sides.

2. you want to drill holes into the bottom of the rain gutters so that water
will be able to drain from them when watering the lettuce.

3. we drilled into the siding with wood screws. One tip: we screwed a little
hole where we wanted it into the siding and also into the rain gutter before
hand and then we matched them up and drilled into the holes. It made it easier
to drill.

4. then it's simple, just add soil and the seeds. I have heard other things
could grow well in here besides lettuce. I water them pretty much every day. I
plan on trying other things soon and letting you know.


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