for those who are sick of cold weather, look at a diy garden project!

Yes! I do know it's still winter. To avoid focusing on the cold weather, I am getting excited for gardens,
popsicles, and freshly cut grass sooo....

As Jared (husband) and I are planning our garden/backyard make over, we have been paying a lot of attention to upside down planters.

here is a wonderful link I found to making a Upside Down Planter with a 2 liter bottle. It's a wonderful idea for those who do not have room for a large vegetable garden.

Here is the Topsy Turvy picture in case you are not interested in making your own. I also found how-to's for making a upside down garden out of a 5 gallon bucket.

My question: has anyone ever used these?

Upside Down Garden
2 liter bottle by The Cheap Vegetable Gardner

Hanging Tomatoe Garden
topsy turvy
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