can you SEE how much I love you? CARD.

This was very simple. I added letters to a photo shop program (flickr) but you could also make it on a simple microsoft word document. upload a photo and paint the whole thing white (just save it as a different document so you don't lose the photo). I then used a clip art eye on the bottom. perfect for any couple this coming valentines day!

THIS IS A FREE PRINTABLE. take it and enjoy. 

tip: (simply open in a photo progam. doodle/paint white over the name johnny and use next to put in your own). 

Valentines Card


Anonymous said...

I would have made the "I" and the "YOU" also red just so it was super obvious.

Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

that's a very good idea. I think I will change that. thank you!
-kathryn from the dragons fairytail