Everything you need to know about Painting your Kitchen Floor white

I did it. I painted my kitchen floor about a year in a half ago. I am going to tell you all about my experience and whether I would do it again. I want to be as honest as possible because their are big pros and big cons to this kind of a project. I am going to do it in a Q&A kind of post to make sure I answer all of the questions and keep it simple.
Q: what kid of paint did you use?
A: behr porch and patio floor paint. This is a water based paint so it's a lot easier to use and apply than an oil based paint would be. I'm not a big fan of oil based paints even though they are known to last longer. Water based paints have come a long way too so most of them last about the same amount of time. If you don't know what based paint you have used for other projects, it's likely that it was a latex water based paint. That's mostly what is sold in stores. I got the paint at Home Depot and it can be tinted to any color. This paint is a thicker and stickier paint than your average wall interior paint. You will definitely need a floor paint roller and you will have to think about where and how to apply it without getting boxed in when painting. Also remember to keep windows open for ventilation. It will take 1 hour to dry to the touch but you shouldn't put furniture or anything on it for at least 3 days.

Q: was the paint hard to apply? What prep did you do?
A: As far as prep, you want to clean, clean, clean. The floor needs to be scrubbed really well before painting. Priming is important but I will admit that I did not prime before I painted for a few reasons. 1, the floor I was painting was a light color and 2, I knew this project would be a temporary fix until we could afford the flooring we wanted. The paint was not hard at all to apply. Be sure to tape around appliances and cupboards that can't be removed before painting.
Q: how does it look? Do you like it?
A: first impression was Wow! It looked awesome. It was shiny, and looked like a brand new floor. My friends and family thought I had installed new vinyl flooring. It really worked well and I do like it. I do have some things I don't like now (a year in a half later) though so read the rest of the questions.
Q: how long did it last without chips?
A: when moving the fridge back into the kitchen we scuffed it a little but it wasn't a bit deal and we fixed it. It started chipping mostly when we got a dog. Our dog has now made the floor look pretty bad because his big paws and claws have just scratched the paint off all over the place. We knew this was a temporary project and we now have the money to put in our new flooring so it's worked out but I want to make everyone clear on that it doesn't last forever and won't last long if you have a big dog.
Q: do you have any regrets?
A: YES! This will come as common sense to most people but I really wanted white floors. I thought it wouldn't be that bad because I already had light floors and I made those work. This was a big mistake and I will never paint my floors white again. I still love white, just not for my floors. They are constantly messy and dirty. It is impossible with kids to keep them clean even when I mop every day so do me a favor and choose another color besides white. I probably would choose gray.
Q: would you do it again?
A: Yes, I would. While it wasn't a permanent solution, it's been nice this year having something that I really liked. I hated the floor color and design before. It was out dated and just ugly. While this white floor wasn't easy, it was my style and sometimes those middle projects in between the dream money project that you want are important and necessary to get you to where you want to go and still feel like you. Also, it was $30, that's it. I'd say it was worth it.

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