DIY Skeleton Feet


Well if you are not already figuring it out, my two darling boys will be skeletons this year for Halloween. We are taking pictures of them and will post soon. This is really the only DIY project for them this year. I ended up finding skeleton pajamas on clearance last year and so I didn't make them. I love deals and this was a lot cheaper than making them even on the best of deals. I did find some great tutorials on stenciling your own skeleton costume however so it's a great diy idea.

Choosing costumes for Halloween for my kids is hard. My oldest Logen who is 3 has autism has trouble with a lot of textures and things on his face bother him. We learned that the hard way when I did Sully & Mike Wazowski costumes last year. He looked so cute but he hated his Sully costume because of the fur. I even trimmed it down a lot so it was out of his face and he still hated it. He also hates hoods, or hats, or anything on his face or head so this year, we wanted him to enjoy his costume a little more and when I brainstormed all year coming up with ideas, I eventually decided that skeletons would be super cute, super easy, and their would be no problems with textures or things in his face.

I still wanted to do some sort of DIY add-on for their costume (and stay tuned for my hubby & i's costume because they are diy) but here are some adorable and easy skeleton feet.


you will need:
  • white paint
  • glow in the dark paint (optional)
  • black socks
  • small thin paint brush

The picture explains it all but I just pulled up some pictures online of skeleton feet and then I free handed the painting on the socks. I put socks over the shoes since that is how I plan on the kids wearing them and so it stretched them and made it easier to paint. It doesn't have to be perfect. Be sure to take your time and not stress if their is a mistake. Unless you buy fabric paint, the socks will only be able to be worn really for 1 halloween because you won't be able to wash them and have the paint stay but for us, we also do a new theme every year and so I go for cheap and not for permanent. It's up to you however. Also one great thing about doing this with socks is that you don't have to worry if your kids don't have black shoes or something that matches because the socks will cover that up. You can find black socks for $1 each at dollar tree or I got a big bag of ankle boy socks at walmart for $5.00 and the extra pairs will go in my son's drawer since well, they needed more socks! 
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