DIY Half Door

DIY half door tutorial

diy half dutch door tutorial


I love half doors but when I looked up the prices for one, I screamed in agony. They were just so expensive and of course, I'm a bit of a cheap skate. When I realized that I had no interest in spending that kind of money, I did what I always do-- find a way to do it myself and make it cheaper.

I found a great tutorial at Ana white. I took some inspiration from them and just went for it.

Here is the step by step tutorial:
1. I took the full and boring door that was already in place and took it off the hinges. As most of you know, new Doors are hollow and so it isn't too hard to cut it in half. The issue is the hinges. You want the door to still be stable and it can't rely on only one hinge and so it has to be a little bigger than half of the door.

2. I cut it a little above the middle hinge and so it would hold onto the first two hinges and then just ignore the top hinge. You want to make sure and measure where to cut and then use a circular saw to go at the door. Always be sure to be safe and smart when using tools. Wear safety glasses, hold the door down with clamps so it doesn't move, and make sure you are not distracted.

3. After the door is cut, you can find a piece of wood like a 2x2 at the hardware store and get it cut as the ledge to go over the top of the door that you have cut. Their also is a small piece that should go against the back of the door and be nailed into the door and then into the ledge. I stained mine using a dark stain but you could choose any color you like. When I put on a stain, I used a rubber glove and an old sock over that. It just works the best for laying down a nice clean stain on the wood. We also got 1 more skinny piece of wood and used wood glue to attach it underneath the front side of the ledge to make it look more clean and finished.

5. Last, if you want to paint the door, tape away and paint the door and then enjoy your side door.

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diy half door tutorial
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