Basement Stairs Update Part 3

Basement Stairs Update Part 3. 

Alright guys the basement is coming along. These pictures I am posting don't really do it justice and I promise some better photos as we finish up but the stairs are almost done except the carpet and a little bit of touch up paint. We have completely finished our half door to keep the kids and pets out when needed, and we have completed the new rope hand rail. We also chose the light fixture at home depot (you can find it here). It cost me about $19. I received the vinyl quote for christmas and put it on a thin wooden board which I painted silver and using a picture hanging kit attached it to the wall. I thought for a while I wanted to put the vinyl directly on the wall but decided against that because if we ever move, I want to take the sign with me. Anyway, I am super excited and thought I'd share a quick few sneek peak pictures of our progress. I promise better pictures soon! I just need to get some touch up painting done that you can see on the walls and the carpet is coming in a little less than a month.

I also should mention that I will have a tutorial for the red half door done this week! so come back soon to see how I did it (it really wasnt too hard at all!)

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