$4 Printable Quote Frames

My little sister graduated yesterday, sigh....time has gone by so fast. I still remember her coming home from second grade with this short bob style hair cut that seemed to tell everything about her bubble personality. She is one of those people that everyone likes and she hates to hurt anyone's feelings. She is shy, and a bit reserved but smart, and very genuine. She is a diva with fashion and yet humble with her tremendous talent. Anyway, I can't believe she is now grown up and moving on to a new stage in her life. I am a very proud sister.

Graduation Quote Frames

For her graduation gift, I wanted to do something meaningful but didnt cost a ton of money either. I found the quote from her graduating class and began looking for a great printable. Once I found it, I framed it and well, that was it. My dear cousin, Hannah graduated as well and I found a very fitting quote for her frame too. This was simple and affordable. Here is what you need:

  • 8x10 or 8.5x11 frame
  • Free Printable download
  • Photo paper
  • Scrapbook or backing paper (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape or glue stick (only if you use scrapbook paper)

I got my frames at Walmart for $3.00 each. They aren't the nicest frames in the world but they are actually surprisingly professional looking and worked well for what I needed.

Next, I went to Pinterest. If you are not a pinterest believer, then you should read my article on the 10 reasons to join pinterest so I can convert you, lol, however if you are still not convinced, then you can search for free quote printables on google. If you know which quote you wish to use, then you can search by that quote and see what pops up. If not, you could use one of the 2 that I used, look at my graphics pinterest board for ideas, create your own if you know how to (read on how to add text to photos to learn more) or you could search in google or pinterest with keywords like this:

Free Graduation quote printables (google)

Free Graduation quote printables (pinterest)

Free quote printables (google)

Free quote printables (pinterest)

The printables I chose were:

The Disney Printable at elegance enchantment

Gandhi Printable at idea obscura

Once you have found and downloaded your printable, you should be ready to print. You will want your photo paper so be sure to load it into the printer. Also be aware of the size. In the printer settings, you can usually click on "fit to size" which might work to make it at 8.5 x 11 so no cutting will be involved but it might not be quite big enough and so you will have to cut it out and back it on some scrapbook paper or if you know how to resize, you can try that. You could also upload it into word document and then center the document leaving white around the edges but it would look nice and fit well into a 8.5x11 frame. For the Disney quote print, I had to back it on scrapbook paper. The Gandhi quote one, I had to cut and trim a little but it ended up fitting an 8x10 frame well after trimming. Don't over think and stress out about this. Both ways will look good.

Last, if you need to back it on some scrapbook paper simply measure and cut out a scrapbook paper the size of the frame, so 8x10 or 8.5x11 and then glue the printable quote onto the paper trying to center it. I didn't measure it to center, I just eye balled it. That is up to you.