Cruz's 1st Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party

Cruz is one and so to celebrate, we threw him a Winnie the Pooh celebration. It was a lot of fun and cute. We did a breakfast celebration which was fun and made the celebration different for a Saturday morning. It was laid back and easy. We has a sideshow in our tv with pictures of cruz and then we played "winnie the pooh" by zoey deschanel while the party guests came and socialized. We opened presents and had cinnamon bun cake but that was it, we didn't do many games. The only other thing is I had a table with crafts supplies to make Winnie the Pooh faces if they wanted. Most of our guests were much older though and the majority were actually adults because we just invited family.
For Cruz's cinnamon bun cake, it was really simple. I bought Rhodes roll dough and baked them in round cake pans. I then stacked the layers together. I did put some toothpicks in them to keep the layers together but you won't need much support. We put the frosting on top of all three layers and let it drizzle down. I also had other cinnamon rolls made individually for others but we only gave cruz the top layer of this cake to actually eat. I got my inspiration for this cake on 1 fine cookie
The bees were made with yellow and black jelly beans, a black edible pen for the yellow ones and yellow frosting for the black ones, and then almond slices for the wings. We carefully used a knife to cut slits in the jelly beans for the wings. The yellow ones were much easier to make because the marker was a lot easier to draw lines than using frosting and a toothpick which was time consuming and didn't work as well. I got my inspiration from hostess with the mostess
The pooh mask printable can be found on learn create love