Vday with the kiddos.

So it's fair to say valentines day with kids is very different than valentines day for couples. I have to plan 2 entirely different itineraries for us with the kids, and for when the kids go to bed. I love valentines day! I know a lot of people hate it and its not nearly as fun when you are single but even than, I loved it. It brings people together. It doesn't matter if you are just there to love your cat...you find a way to be more appreciative of your cat on this day. It's just a great day, I feel this way about most holidays. It's a way to remember, cherish, and celebrate.

Each year I get the kids a pair of socks and fill it with treats. Ussually I find socks that are striped or have hearts on them however, I dropped the ball and waited till the last minute so instead I bought them new white and gray socks and we colored hearts on them instead. It actually was a lot of fun and I might try it again in the future.