Easy Handmade Kids Workbench

12 gifts in a year

I have made a goal to show off 12 easy handmade gifts this year that I will make. Some of them that I will show off I have already made while others I will be making in the coming months. Then, you can make all of your christmas gifts through out the year or if you still procrastinate until then end, you can come and find some good ideas on this blog that will hopefully give you the motivation to quickly get them all done! For January's gift of the year, I am showcasing the easy handmade workbench my husband and I Santa made for our 2 boys this last Christmas.

January: Easy Handmade Workbench

To make the Work bench, I purchased a can of Rustoleum Spray Paint for the peg board. It worked really well and gave a great even coat. I am not 100% sure that this is the exact color that I used but it is very close. I am thinking they don't carry this exact color anymore. I also purchased the Melissa and Doug tool kit to go with this fun gift. (Click on the images above to purchase through Amazon.com)

I found this wonderful tutorial with plans and measurements and everything for this workbench on mcbabybump3. It is simple, inexpensive, and such a cute gift. We love it. It is very sturdy. It only cost us like $8 in wood, and like $3 in nails. The peg board we already had from another project and we had already painted it but that part can be made or under $10. I would go look at a few thrift stores for peg boards because you dont need a giant piece of it and home depot sells it in a much bigger piece than you need. Ether way, you are looking at a really cute idea for a very cheap price. Somewhere between $20 and $30. The mcbabybump has a lot more details and step by step instructions.

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