Giant wood stars with twinkle lights for $5

Last week, we had our church christmas party and I was asked to make 6 giant stars for it. I had previously featured this tutorial, make a giant star out of yardsticks for $5. It is so simple and so cheap. If you want a real tutorial, go to the source at Little Bit Funky and follow their directions but these are the few things I did different:
Since I was making many of these, it was cheaper to buy a package of wood pieces at Home Depot so these are not yard sticks and they are cheaper but if you are only making 1, it's probably cheaper to buy yardsticks. If you want to make multiple these came in a package and were zip tied together.
In the tutorial by Little Bit Funky, they painted theirs black first, and then a white/gray over it. I didn't. I painted them gray and then sanded them down and put a dark stain on top to make it look aged.