I have been decorating for the fall and getting ready for thanksgiving, and it has made me think of all the things I have to be grateful for. It's so easy to ignore everything I have and focus on all my wants and what I feel like are "needs" but once this season comes around I am reminded again of how blessed I am and how I have so much more than I need. I hate that it takes a time like this for me to remember. I wish I would feel blessed all the time and remember what I do have but for some reason, it wears on me all the time and so I need that reminder through the year. I am so grateful to the lovely family I have. They are my rock and keep me grounded. My boys are my life and I feel like they make me a better person. My husband is my best friend and my soul mate. I also want to mention my dear cat, lilly. She has been through a lot these last few years. Being used to having the home all by herself with us to now, being with 2 boys that chase her and bug her, she watches over us and her personality makes me laugh and brings me joy. I love her!
corn on the cob in glass jars can look awesome! it's such a simple decoration idea.
my green pumpkin table setting. I got these pumpkins f
green pumpkin table setting. I got these pumpkins for .25 last year on clearance at walmart but you could put mod podge on a pumpkin and roll in salt to ge ta similar look

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