Mrs. Smith's Deep Dish Pies & Giveaway!

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Delicious Customized Deep Dish Pies

This last week I got the opportunity to taste some delicious pies, more specifically Mrs. Smith's Signature Deep Dish pies. They have 4 different pies: apple, pumpkin, cherry, and peach. I went to our nearest Walmart and picked out 3 of the 4 kinds however they were out of peach! I was so bummed. I began calling Walmarts' all over the area and they were all out of stock with peach. I checked out Mrs. Smiths' website to find other places that carried their wonderful pies but unfortunately, they were out of stock in the whole state from what I could tell for the peach pie so sadly, I did not get to try the last flavor. I will say however, if it was as good as the others, it is worth trying.

Ok so the great thing about these pies is the sauce that goes on top. You can customize these pies with these delicious sauces and I even added a little something different for my desserts. The cherry comes with a chocolate sauce that I dripped all over the top of the pie. It would have been completely satisfying with just that but I also added some chocolate powder, and a few chocolate covered nuts for the extra touch. The next pie was pumpkins. Everyone loves a pumpkin pie during this time of year and it comes with a cream cheese icing. This icing was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S (that spells delicious in case you couldn't tell). I also added a little granola on top. Last, the apple pie which was my favorite (but they were all good) comes with a caramel sauce and has a crumble topping. It is yummy, yummy, yummy. I am a sucker for a good apple pie.
These pies are in many stores across the country. Here you can search for available retailers near you. They are in the frozen department and are easy to make. They have great instructions, and they truly taste homemade. Be sure to "like" Mrs. Smiths Facebook and follow their Pinterest boards as well for great updates, and offers.


this giveaway has been provided by

now for the GIVEAWAY. I have never done a giveaway on this site before and I'm excited to be hosting my first, especially when it's something I really want. The giveaway is provided by Mrs. Smiths pies. It is a (drum roll please) $50 Williams Sonoma gift card. I will also be giving away 1 coupon for a free pie too!

To Enter:
1. "like Mrs. Smiths Facebook page and follow their Pinterest boards.
2. leave a comment with your name, which pie you think sounds the best, and what you would purchase or do with the williams sonoma gift card if you won.

On Sunday, December 9th, 2012, I will pull a name out of a top hat (yes, a top hat) on video which I will post on the blog for all to see. I will post the video at 6 p.m. on December 9th, 2012. The first name I pull out will be the winner of the $50 Williams Sonoma gift card provided by Mrs. Smiths pies. The second name I pull from the hat will be the winner of the coupon for 1 free deep dish pie. I will ship both right away so you can get it in time for christmas. good luck! and thank you again to Mrs. Smiths' pies.
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