Metallic Painted Pumpkins for Thanksgiving

Easy place settings are my favorite thing to find. I decided to create a bunch. Some of these I created for a church even we had a few weeks ago, and some I created in preparation for my own thanksgiving that I am helping decorate for. This one is so fun! so easy and you can just use all those little pumpkins you bought for halloween. Simply pick up a spray can of metallic paint and go at it on the pumpkins. I didn't paint this one anywhere near perfect. In truth, I did a very thin layer of paint but I really like the way it turned out and theirs really no way to go wrong with this idea. Also, you can use some gold paint if you like that more. Any metallic paint will look great for thanksgiving. It adds some cool elegance to the table. I added 2 paper napkins (one yellow and one orange) and it creates a really bright modern setting. create away!

metallic pumpkin place setting
metallic pumpkin place settings

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