Kids Bath Makeover

Kids Bath Makeover

Well, this has been a lot of work! Getting this bathroom done seemed to take longer than I thought it would which is always annoying and I have to be honest, it is not ALL the way done. I have some touch up painting to still finish up on the cabinets but you can't really see it from the pictures so to all of will look complete, lol. I also have some painting on the walls to do because we have some nail holes that have been covered up and need some new texture and paint. I will get this done but ahhh...their are so many projects going on at our house that touch up painting gets put on last priority. Either way, the bath looks pretty close to done and I am excited to post about it today.

When I was trying to decide how to fix this bathroom up, I went through a lot of ideas on pinterest and through magazines. I wanted a classic look that could still go with our "farmhouse" theme but I also wanted to show off the idea of something with bright colors. We have a fun boon frog pod and lots of bath toys not to mention our fun colored towels and so I wanted to find a design that would go with that. That's why we decided to go with black and white.

Before and After

Black Painted Frame Tutorial

This caused some stress that we weren't expecting. We had made the same exact frame on our master bath mirror. However, we painted this one black and the other one we didn't paint. When we painted it seemed to warm the wood a little and so it wasn't flat. We're not sure if it was the paint or leaving it outside in the sun to dry but it caused a lot more glue and stress to get it to stay on the mirror. We finally got it to work by putting a lot of glue on it and continuously checking on it and making sure the tape was tight but if we were to do it again, we would definitely have it dry in the garage and maybe hand paint it because I think we drenched it in too much paint by spray painting. who knows...that is just my guess. anyway, you can learn how to make this frame by reading Make a Molding Frame. Then if you want it black, you can try your best to paint it black by hand painting or spray painting. Just be careful with the drying process so it stays flat or you will be spending a good day re-glueing and taping it to the mirror while it dries.

Gray Painted Cabinets with Black Knobs Tutorial

Painting cabinets is not super complicated. It's pretty simple, you paint. I will say though that you want to sand first and then clean them super well. After it feels like you have cleaned the cabinets off and they are ready to be painted, be prepared to paint a few coats. I had to paint about 3. I purchased my knobs from home depot. I believe they were about $3.50 each.

Hose Towel Hooks Tutorial
I love how this turned out. I need to do a little more sanding on it and fix up but I really do love the look of this. I wasn't sure what to do about the knobs. I couldn't afford expensive anthropologie looking knobs but I wanted something unique and fun so I decided to use old hose knobs. When I went looking for hose knobs, they only had red ones at the store and I wanted black. I decided to take them home and paint them instead. It worked fine and so don't stress about what colors they have, feel free to paint away. Spray painting them is the easiest but you could hand paint them if you wanted to.

1. Buy a small piece of molding, measure well, and cut it to fit the wall. Nail it into the wall using small and slim nails because you will need to lay putty on them after and cover them up. I put nail holes in all along the board to make sure it would hold well.2. lay some putty over the nails holes to cover them up and let that dry3. (optional) paint the molding piece a light gray4. attach the hose knobs and hang towels

Black and White Tiled Floor

* talk with a specialist at a home improvement store about how to tile a floor. We got our tiles and expert advise from Home Depot.

Stuff we bought and cost breakdown coming soon!