Disney Themed Rooms

1. Aladdin. The source of this is: . The fun shades of purples, violets, blues, and golds add the look from the adorable theme where Jasmine and Aladdin fall in love. You could also add in a little teal though to finish your dream bedroom. Now just hope for a genie narrated by Robin Williams and a flying magic carpet. source: Bliss Living
2. Cinderella. Elegant with silvers and watery blues definitely make your dream a reality just as your fairy godmother turns you into a princess. I love the relaxing shades, a long with the bird cage mirrors above the bed frame. The source for this beautiful room is: horchow

3. Mulan. She is a feminist, and so modern. She carries so much strength and so I wanted to find a room that conveys that same feeling. The red shows power and the beautiful patterns remind you a little of her asian heritage. The source is: house to home

4. Sleeping Beauty. Golds embellish this princess room whose sleep only awakes with love's true kiss. This is a very romantic room and has a beautiful antique mirror with simple with floral accents. Blending simplicity with some elegant and vintage pieces could make Sleeping Beauty's room yours. The source is:anthropologie

5. Little Mermaid. The princess from the sea with ruffles, and a beach feel makes this room scream out little mermaid. You could also add a little bit of red to create the complete feel of the little mermaid. Also adding beach accents like seashells and coral could keep the reminder of her ocean lifestyle. I love the bed frame and it looks a lot like coral so it fits perfectly with the room. Source: houzz

6. The Beauty & The Beast- Belle has a mix of country and castle in her. I loved the look of this room. It's elegant but simple. The shade of yellow is perfect for a bedroom because it's not overpowering and still relaxing. The source is: Yellow Bedroom 

7. The Princess and the Frog- I wanted to find a room that was elegant, but still screamed swamp and country life to embody the movie and story. This is such a fun room and I love the rug! source: Photo from Country Homes & Interiors, Sept. 2008.

8. Tangled- hanging lanterns and pastel shades make this room remind you of the the recent movie, Tangled. I love the happiness of this room. It's very playful. You could also add some green in it to remind you of the gecko that it such a great part. Also arts and crafts aregreat for this room since she is so crafty in her own space. Source: norgavvel

9. Tarzan- this is a very Jane room with leaves, nature, and pink. This would be perfect to embody the girl side of tarzan and I love the furniture too. Source:lesclics factory chic
10. Peter Pan. Fun, airy, and simple. I wanted to focus this room on Tinkerbelle however their are many ways to go about this room theme. This particular room is full of spunk which is a lot like tinkerbell. The colors are bright and exciting. Their is a modern elegance to the room. You could also add twinkle lights and add some gold. Source: Home Designing-Exquisite Wall Coverings

11. Alice in Wonderland. Beautiful shades and colors remind you of the darling alice in wonderland. I wanted something mysterious but adorable and light. The unique furniture and decorative pieces can also fit into the unusually quirky story of Alice in wonderland. source: anthropologie

12. 101 dalmations. Black and white frames and a very simple modern layout can bring out the movie design. I love the sleep look of this mixed with sentimental photos. You could also add a little red to it to bring out the cruella deville into the room. Source: velvet palette

13. Brave. doesn't this seem like something that would fit into the movie, Brave? I love the rustic elegance and while it appears plain in many ways, their is some great pattern and wildflowers around. source: houzz

14. Bambi. I love the sweet but rustic elegance of this room. The branch with little stars hanging and the mix matched bedding make me think of a humble but adorable beginning which definitely feels to the movie of Bambi. It could be really cute to have a few vintage deer figurines sitting on the bedside table too! source: elle decor

15. Lion King--this reminded me so much of the son in the lion king. I loved the gold and how much you see suns everywhere! Even though it is quite elegant, you can definitely picture the nature and safari feel from Simba and the pridelands. Source: red cover
16. Snow White- Snow White is a princess but she has been in the woods with the 7 dwarfs for a lot of her life so I feel like she would have an elegant nature-esque design. I love this bedframe! and the bright floral bedding definitely fills the space and brightens it up. Source:storied style
17. Mickey Mouse- Classic Mickey is hard to put together and make it ot look too cheesy. All of these are supposed to fit in adult rooms so I didn't want mickey ears everywhere but I tried to find a picture that stuck to the color theme of black and red and was classy and timeless. I love the headboard. Source:decor pad 
18. Dumbo- Dumbo was also a hard one to find. You dont want anything overdone or kiddish, so I searched for stripes that go a long with a carnival theme and a grayish color just like dumbo. I like what I found and do think it embodies Dumbo and the movie. Source: house to home by decor pad
19. Jungle Book- Love this room! Lots of different shades of green. The floor lamps and basket weaved rug fit perfectly in creating a jungle bedroom that mowgli and balou would adore. Source: house to home
20. Finding - Finding Nemo is a favorite with our family.The statues, blue shades, and ocean theme with fish and coral make this work and remind you of down under in the big old blue. Source: houzz 

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