Fall Gardening with Miracle Gro Gardenieres

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Gardening this Fall with Miracle Gro Gardenieres

I've posted a lot about gardening and trying to make my yard feel "welcoming" again and I still have a lot of work to do but I love finding new ideas and new articles about how to help me succeed in my goal. Their is always up keep but their are some awesome ideas out there to make a wonderful yard easy to maintain. One of those companies that can help is Miracle Gro. They carry so many great products and resources and they have helped me in my journey as a wanna be gardener. Because of that, I feel it's only fair to encourage my readers to like the Miracle-Gro Facebook page. They will give you so many great ideas and realistic advice. 

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Something they have started is this great thing called Gardenieres. I am so jealous and want to be one, lol but they are hand picked green thumbs from all around the country and they are being led by Master Gardener, William Moss (I looked him up and he is very cool and experienced). What a great idea! because these are real life gardeners with real homes and real projects that we can all relate to. These aren't for a magazine cover but instead are used all over the country by everyday people. I love that. They talk about the unique challenges with different climates and they are from all over so you can find a climate that fits yours and take some inspiration from that. They are involved with social networking and are online so you can really stay in touch with them as well. 


This is perfect for fall. I learned in an earlier post I did with Miracle Gro, that fall is a perfect season for planting all sorts of trees, and plants, and not to mention color! This time of year offers beautiful colors that can be put in your yard rather than dealing with a brown and dull landscape, you can add color and you can Find beauty in the Fall.

The project that really spoke to me the most to me was The Edible Garden and The Potted Herb Garden. I have really wanted one and every year, we get so busy and I get overwhelmed. I also feel worried about the upkeep and time it will take. Luckily, the gardenieres' you tube videos really simply the process and show you steps to getting the project done. I love the idea of contained gardens for small space areas and also because it's easier to maintain and these really gave great advice on how to create that. 

I also want to mention the West Gardenieres Video  because I thought it was cool. I don't plan on growing pumpkins and don't live that far west but I did enjoy seeing the vertical gardens and the cool stuff they came up with. 

Last, I also want to give a shout out again to Miracle Gro (because I am such a true fan). They have all the products you need to create these great projects including:



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