DIY gift baskets

DIY gift baskets.

this is for a teacher but I love this simple idea and it could work well for a birthday,neighbor, etc. It's a little girly so it's probably best for a girl. I love the idea of nailpolish and glass sodas together not to mention the stripes straws featured in this. You could do something similar buying some almond trail mix at winco foods or in bulk in a plastic bag by the lb. and then you could purchase a glass soda for around $1, a $1 nail polish, a nail file for $1, and a paper straw or a few for $1. Look around for the right colors at stores around you. Anyway, with the basket this gift could definitely be done for around $10.
This is again another great simplistic idea at Nostalgic treast. I love rubix cube. This could be a great birthday gift and for the person who has everything or is really hard to shop for. Buying some fun old fashioned treats and blending the color palette of all those items you choose, can make it look absolutely darling and will be a fun gift for anyone. Try looking down your grocery store aisle for things that are nostalgic. Then go to the nearest dollar tree or dollar store and see what they have. They ussually carry lots of nostalgic games, puzzles, and treats as well. They also might have a fun pail. This is another girl you could put together for around $10-15
The gardening gift basket is great for spring and summer. If you look around, you can do this gift for around $20 but it can be pricey if you want nicer brands. Look around at dollar tree, walmart, target, and winco foods store if you looking to spend less and save money. Look at more pricey gardening stores if you want a certain brand. Target can really have some cute but affordable choices when it comes to gardening tools, shoes, and gloves. Add some fun bulbs and herbal plants that are easy to put anywhere. Also adding in some moisturizer can be good since gardening can be hard on your hands.
a Laundry gift basket is awesome! I got one of these when I got married and it was so great. I had no idea what I needed as far as cleaning or starting our first home and lets face it, cleaners can be pricey so getting these as a gift was perfect. Towels are a great gift too in a laundry basket and are a perfect gift for newlyweds, or grads. You could also try making your own cleaners to save cost. Towels can be cheaper at Ikea.
Speaking of homemade cleaners, this is an adorable homemade cleaner gift basket idea. I LOVE THIS! They have the ingredients and the labels which are free. You could put these together for reasonably cheap but you will need the ingredients so check the list. Putting some wash cloths together with the cleaners pulls the whole thing together. You could also add in some dish scrapers or sponges.
Cooking Mit Gadgets are great for everyone. Perfect for christmas, and newlyweds. I have been married 5 years and most of my kitchen gadgets are already getting worn so feel free to buy these for older couples too or people that love to cook. You can do this for very cheap by shopping at ikea and the dollar tree. You could pull something like this for $10-15
This is so cool. It's a wedding gift. She has given a bottle of sparkly for every occasion in the first year. This is adorable, cost friendly, and very creative. I love the labels and putting them in a simple basket.
spa gift baskets are not only fun for any girly event, but if you shop in the right places and make the sugar scrub or bath oils rather than buying them, you can do it super cheap. I once put together a gift basket for $5 with spa stuff and it turned out really cute. Feel free to look up ideas on homemade bath gels, scrubs, etc. and also look at dollar tree, and places like target or walmart. Look in their dollar department and see if they are carrying any spa ideas
adorable and pink. First off, I LOVE THESE TUBS! they hold so many great things for us. Choosing some toys, story books, and clothes that go a long with the color theme can be awesome. Put foam in the bottom or something as a filler so you don't have to put tons of stuff in the whole thing. that will cost you a lot! If you are making a blanket though, that can go on the top. Play around the many things you can. Look into baby food, baby spoons, diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, teething toys, and clothes.
a toddler drum set is genius! I love this idea from how does she?. This isn't exactly a gift "basket" but I felt like it fit since it's a bunch of stuff going together. If you have a cricut or even some great stickers, you could do this cheap. Purchase those pots and pants and dollar tree or even a thrift store.
argh! it's a pirate! put together a cute gift basket for $10-15 by looking at dollar tree, walmart, target, and ikea for fun pirate gifts. Stay minimal, they don't need everything but swords, hats, books, and even a fun pirate tee shirt is great!
A popcorn gift idea is fantastic and cheap. You could also add in a movie, netflix, redbox gift card, or movie theatre tickets and that will go a long way. Also you could give a popcorn machine with this if you wanted to go big.

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