Disney's Brave party theme

Brave Party Round Up

So the new and fabulous disney pixar movie right now is Brave which of course got me to thinking, how about a party? I went looking for bows and arrows, red hair, and targets too. Luckily many many creative bloggers have come up with some great ideas for this party too! so here is my Brave Party Round up.

arrow cupcakes at cue the cupcake

plaid invitations at spoonful

queen elinors crown at spoonful
brave tent at about.com
wisp lollipops at nothing but country

whipped Scottish shortbread cookies at food.com

merida the brave costume at era of make believe etsy shop

Disney brave cupcakes at the party animal

brave wig at the funky polka dot giraffe

pvc bow and arrow

Disney Pixar recipes
brave at disneyland
brave red jelly cookies
brave costume
brave cupcakes and wrapper
brave costume
brave pvc bow and arrow
brave party crafts
brave party crown

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