Gardening in the Fall

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Planting in the Fall with Miracle Gro

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Before I even start talking about our topic today, I am going to tell you all to go and "like" Miracle Gro's facebook page. I have used many of their products on my lawn and garden over the years and they just make dependable good products. I have never been dissapointed with anything I have bought from them. No one is making me say that, I actually really really like their products so be sure to become a facebook fan. Miracle-Gro Facebook page
I don't think of a fall as the time for blooming flowers and planted gardens with gorgeous colors, and manicured lawns. In truth, my yard during fall typically looks "blah" because everything is dying and brown. I live in Utah which gets colder in the fall and starts making way for snow in the winter and so my yard really suffers during this time and just loses all the life to it. I've basically accepted this but lately I have been seeing fall gardens, and great ideas to keep your yard fresh and exciting during the fall so you don't have to deal with a "blah" look.
Miracle Gro has some resources to Find beauty in the Fall and for Fall gardening and I found a lot of inspiration from them. Their are even some veggies and plants that really bloom and grow best in the fall.


Source: via Kath on Pinterest

For my area (the southwest), tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes seem to do really well. I have been thinking of starting a potato and tomato garden for a long time and just haven't gotten around to it. The picture above is actually a picture from miracle gro's site which talks about growing edible gardens in the fall and what's best for your area so feel free to pin that and visit the site. Their are a lot of veggies that can really do well in the fall. Miracle Gro has a great flower and vegetable garden soil that is perfect when planting a fall garden.


Source: via Sharon on Pinterest

Something else that I DESPERATELY want changed in my yard during fall is the color. I said it before, but my yard is boring in the fall. It's brown and dull. I want to add some color like the picture from above. I love the colors of the tomatoes and the pansies! Miracle Gro offers some great advice of using pansies, or mums which you can find all over still and they do well in all climates. Also, you can try using edible colorful vegetables that work well in winter and can still add color in your yard. They have many more tips and ideas if you visit their sites and read through their many projects. Miracle Gro has come up with a fall plant and feed that will be perfect to keep the fall flowers blooming and beautiful. Fall plant and feed


Ok next project that I would love to finish during the fall (I know--I have too many but if I stay focused, I might be able to get to all of these), and that is planting some trees in our backyard. Jared and I came to the realization around the beginning of August that we wouldn't be moving for a while. Because of the economy and how upside down we are in our house, we realized that we'd better make the best of it and start fixing up our house rather than waiting and waiting to enjoy the next one. Because we were waiting and unsure how long we wanted to stay here, we never planted any trees in the backyard and I hate not having shade so we are now wanting to get some trees back there. Planting trees, if you choose the right ones can work well in the fall. According to Miracle Gro in fact, they talk about planting a tree in the fall as the best time to plant one! I never knew that and thought I would be in trouble if I tried to plant them now but apparently not. Miracle Gro has a garden soil that can also really help in getting those trees off to a good start so they are healthy. I also posted an above image from pinterest on how much I would love some shade and trees in our backyard. MG_Garden_Soil_Tree_Shrub.jpg

They also have tree spikes which can be helpful when planting trees and make the job a lot easier. Click to Preview


Source: via Kyle on Pinterest

Ok here is the last one, I promise. I found the above image on pinterest and loved this idea for fall. It could really add some color and would look awesome outside. You all know how much I surf pinterest since I post about it all the time. They are pumpkin container gardens. This is an easy way to add some color in your yard this fall while still being festive and lets face it, container gardens are a lot easier than planting the ground (at least for me). Don't worry! Miracle Gro is their for our container gardens too with a fantastic potting mix.


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