Create a Photography Masterpiece

So I know that photo posts are for Fridays but I am behind because of the go daddy hacking this week and so I am catching up. I promise things will be back to normal next week.

Tips for Creating a Photo Masterpiece

The truth is that nowadays, their are so many advances in photo editing, and auto slr cameras that if you can afford a nice camera and a few editing programs or apps, you too can create a masterpiece without knowing too much about photography itself. You just have to be creative and willing to explore and discover a little. I have been taking pictures since high school. I took a photography class and was hooked. My first class was mainly dark room photography and I loved seeing the photos appear under the dim and red lights. It seemed like such a neat and profound thing. I have to admit, I was not very good at the dark room. I could be creative and take the pictures, no problem but developing photos is very technical. You have to be precise, detail oriented, and I am well, not. I loved to explore new ideas though in the dark room and if I had put more effort into it, I am sure I would have done fine as a dark room photographer. Sometimes Jared and I talk about putting a dark room closet area in our basement or future home to make beautiful masterpieces. It's an art and their something beautiful about it. Now...I'm going off on a tangent, anyway the reality is digital is easier, less technical, you can adjust and fix many different photos in editing programs, and its a whole lot cheaper. Dark room supplies can be pricey. Since we are in this wonderful world of digital, I thought I would share some beautiful photos and some ideas for you to take masterpieces without being masters of photography.

blurry can be beautiful. Don't be afraid to be out of focus. Some of my favorite photos are out of focus and embody the soul and emotion of the memory rather than the crisp details that don't really matter.
focal point. sometimes focusing not on the person but on an object can create a whole other image. it can shift what would be an ordinary photo, into an extroidinary photo.
reflections are awesome. taking pictures in reflections while finding a clever way to keep yourself and the camera out of it can bloom a beautiful shot with rich detail and a cool angle.
who said you can't take a picture inside a car, or a window frame. these can create a look that you are looking in to the life someone amazing. it makes it more candid and less staged.
don't be afraid to use props or photo editing stickers. layering stickers of stars across the photo can create a story all it's own. their are so many options with layers, and the clone tool that the limits are endless.
keeping a face out of the photo can still create an awesome self portait. sometimes you don't need a smile to convey who a person is.
glitter is always fun. dont be afraid to play around with all sorts of props like glitter, umbrellas, balloons, etc. they create fun and make it more playful
lighting is key! when you don't have shadows, the picture is crisp and full of life. when you have shadows on the eyes--it can truly ruin an adorable image. be sure to stage the image and set it up in the right area with no to minimal shadow and good morning light if you are shooting outside.
black and white photos create charm. play around with blacks, grays, and white. be sure that their is quite a bit of light and color outside so you can have a variance in black and white because it will look better. their are so many great editing filters for black and white photos now that you can make a bland photo stand out with black and white.
places are important. sometimes you are so focused on getting shots of your family that you forget to shoot a few scenic places or pictures of the places you've been. they are just as important and help tell the whole story.
play with layers. putting two photos together and playing with the transparency can create an awesome photo. It has gotten much easier to do too! so you don't need to be an expert to create a photo like this.
on color photos, up the saturation. sometimes bringing out the color in a photograph can really show you the depth and beauty of the place, person, or thing you are capturing.
know your seasons. nature is beautiful. you can get amazing images just by timing your sessions with the seasons and when they are changing. fall in the mountains can be stunning, while meadows in the spring can bloom lots of heather and gorgeous wildflowers.
don't be afraid to be abstract. Their are so many great editing tools. you can take a picture and then edit it so much that it becomes a masterpiece that perhaps is unrecognizable as a photograph itself. you can take a picture of paint and edit it to look almost "fake" and then you take a picture of woman and draw over it or put a drawing filter on top.
take the road less taken. people get bored of seeing the same things and places over and over again. take the road less taken, and you will find a treasure. explore, and be creative.