100 amazing diy projects under $100

100 amazing diy projects under $100
ok so this post took me a LONG time. I spent tons of time looking up diy projects for under $100. Their are so many great ideas out there but many of them are simply out of my budget and many of yours. I wanted cheap, cool, and simple so I began looking. I also seem to find tons of articles that say "projects under $100" but when you look at them, almost all of the projects are like $95, and $98 dollars so they are just barely under $100 and none are actually cheap. I wanted to find some in each
price range so you will find 10 for each price range so 10 for $10, 10 for $20, 10 for $30 and so on...these are great ideas for people with a low budget but wanting some great updates in your house.

$10 projects:

$20 diy projects-

$30 diy projects

custom ikea dresser

$40 diy projects

$50 diy projects

$60 diy projects

$70 diy projects

$80 diy projects

$90 diy projects

bike hanger
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wooden bench

$100 diy projects

feel free to add your own diy ideas under $100 that are not listed in the comments. I would love to see them!  thanks for stopping by!

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