10 golden ways to make even the smallest party fabulous

How to throw a small party

gold spun cotton candy
gold spun cotton candy
1. pay attention to detail.

so many people who throw parties forget about the little stuff. When you are throwing a big party, you usually have to forget about tons of the little things because it's too expensive plus the time is ussually daunting but they make all the difference. Since we are talking about small parties today; the details matter and they make a small party unforgettable! you don't have to be over the top on every detail. just choose a few parts of the party to dive into.

golden animal candle
golden animal candle
2. keep it to a minimum.

one of the big issues with throwing a party is the budget. It's easy to get carried away and buy everything in the store that goes with your theme but the truth is, it doesn't even look that great if you have everything. it's just looks like "too much" and overcrowded. choose a few activities, a few decorations, and a few recipes and keep it at a minimum. stick to it and you will be happy you did. I keep the tags on everything until the day of the party because often I will realize, I bought more than needed and if I keep the tags, I can take things back.

gold party banner
gold party banner
3. make lots of lists.

organizing the details of the party makes the party shopping easy. Writing shopping and to do lists also makes it much more possible to stick with your budget, your theme, and your details.

fun gold party decorations
fabulous gold party decorations
4. set your priorities.

let's face it, you can't do everything. if you set your priorities on the things you want to make and the things you want to buy, you will be more realistic with your time and money. often when I have to make a lot of decorations for a party, I will buy the cake or if I want to make all of the food, I will buy the decor.

gold circle decoration
gold circle party decoration
5. it doesn't need to be perfect!

focus on details but don't make the details perfect. sometimes those imperfections make a party so great and "handmade". Don't stress about a cake with messy frosting, or a birthday banner that's not straight. just enjoy!

gold decorations
gold tinsel decoration
6. start setting up the day before

if you start setting up early, you have time change things around and if something goes wrong or is forgotten, you have time to get it. I always set up the day before if possible. It makes everything else go so much easier. It also gives me time to take pictures beforehand.

gold cupcake wrappers
gold cupcake wrappers
7. set a theme

setting a theme makes the planning process work better and it helps you stick to your budget goals. It also creates a uniform look among the whole party and brings it together. I ALWAYS choose a theme even if it's a color theme, it always has one.

gold silverware
gold silverware
8. be unique

don't be afraid to be different and try something new. Thats what makes the party stick out in people's mind and will make it more "you". enjoy embracing new ideas, new decorations or designs, and new recipes. it keeps things fresh.

gold tree decoration
gold christmas tree decoration
9. have fun and let go!

this is a rule I struggle with, don't forget to have fun! I get so overwhelmed with planning the party that I often forget to enjoy it. My advice is slow down, and enjoy the party. At the end of the day you are creating this so that you can spend time with loved ones, friends, and family. remind yourself that no matter how big of a disaster the decorations or food for the party has turned into, you can still shrug your shoulders and have fun!

gold cake decoration
gold cake decoration
10. take lots of pictures before the party starts

I often forget to get pictures of the food or decorations I just spend tons of time making. Take pictures before the party starts so that you don't forget to grab some shots of those important and exciting details you want to capture and remember.