Activity. Racing Handmade Boats

Boat Racing.

We decided to have some boat races in Midway with everyone. I brought up a lot of weird items that might float and we put together some boats and saw which one would win. My dad (grandpa) built a lot as you can see from the below picture. His one with straws tied together won the race. My brother jeff's boat had straws and popsicle sticks as well as a flag. He thinks the flag cost him the race and next time he would do without it. The third boat of grandpa's was a folded paper boat. grandpa's #2 boat was simply a piece of egg carton that he floated down the river by itself. Jared's boat was a paper plate with a flag on top. It got caught by moss quite a bit so it did not do well. Logen's and Grandma's egg carton boat did alright but wasn't incredibly fast. It was a really fun activity and I think any toddler would have fun with this boat racing activity.