I {heart} quaker soft baked bars

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I {heart} Quaker Soft Baked Bars

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I love the Quaker Soft Baked Bar! They are so yummy. I purchased them at the grocery store when I was looking for a healthy, filling, & delicious snack or treat for my family. we have tried to keep the chips, and cookies out of the house and choose healthier options. One thing I have found however while doing this, is that many of the "healthier" snacks are really light and fluffy, and just not filling. That's why I chose these. They looked like they would be filling for sure from the package and they seemed healthier as well. I looked on the back of the package to find how much protein, fiber, and calories they had in them and they were a healthier option. They actually have about 5g fiber, 6 g protein, and are only 140 calories! Their are so many bars I choose that are a low calorie treat but I open them up to find a tiny bar that I will finish in literally two bites. I was really happy when opening this bar to find a normal sized treat. It was a really good size and a great wholesome food idea.
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I wanted a snack for me but also for my son, Logen. I needed to find something that would win him over as well. It didn't end up being hard to do, because the moment he took a bite, he was hooked. He finished the entire bar and kept asking for more. He really liked them. We chose the Banana Nut Bread soft baked bars but they also have a Cinnamon Pecan flavor that looked really good too. All I can say, is they definitely passed the kid test. they also aren't super "crumbly" so they don't spill everywhere but they weren't super sticky either so it was a mom approved snack for many reasons.
quaker soft baked bars
logen eating snack
soft baked banana bar
quaker soft baked bars
As a family on the go, we need something that's easy to take with us but one thing I did enjoy was warming up the bar and eating it that way as well. It ended up being the perfect breakfast snack. It was warm and soft and tasted a lot more like fresh banana bread. Either way is delicious. Something to think about if you are looking for a new snack to try for you and your family. I would definitely take a look for the Quaker Soft Baked Bar

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