Swim Party Ideas.

Swim Birthday Party Ideas

I decided to brainstorm some swim party ideas today. Their are so many fun ideas for those summer birthdays that need a little splash. I found all of these ideas on pinterest and their are lots more so you should definitely go searching. In fact if you do find any, feel free to share! I love to see new and fun ideas. I have a summer birthday (june, it's coming up and I'm excited) and when I grew up, I had a swimming birthday party many years in a row. It's such a great idea for a summer birthday party and you can use many different themes with it. You can do a finding nemo party, beach ball party, aquarium birthday party, fishing party, etc. Hopefully this helps many of you in finding what you need even if it's just a small family bash:
jello fish bowl dessert at rock ur party
rainbow fish party at kara's party ideas
 swimming teddy bear cake pops at Momma's playground
catch the fish game at young moments
water balloon piƱata at ziggity zoom
water sponge tutorial at one charming party
water party at one charming party

I have now created a Swim Party Ideas, Part 2, in case you are interested.


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