Let's Help Fight Hunger Together!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Walmart Foundation. All opinions are 100% mine.
Hey guys, The Busy Bee Famileee has always been focused on families that want modern ideas as well as fun activities to do together. I think it's only fitting that we also address from time to time the ways we can help each other out and our communities. That is why I have chosen to write this blog post encouraging all of you to participate in Walmart Foundation's, Fighting Hunger Together Initiative.
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Between April 9th and April 30th, Walmart has partnered with four other food brands: ConAgra, General Mils, Kraft, and Kellogg's in a nationwide campaign to fight hunger. Here's where we come in! As moms, parents, and friends alike, we can help one of two ways. One, by voting on facebook! it's as simple as that. We vote for one of the 200 communities with the highest unemployment rate that we feel deserve some extra support. The community with the highest number of votes will be given $1,000,000 and $50,000 will be given to the 20 runners up. Second, we can also help in-store by purchasing select products from the above brands mentioned which can help donate meals to Feeding America, and Action for Healthy Kids, which helps to fight child hunger. If you look at the packaging and signs once you enter your neighborhood Walmart, you will see ways you can help to make a difference.
As a mom of two boys, I cannot comprehend my children going hungry. I have been so blessed because we have never had to go without a meal. Unfortunately not all families are that lucky right now. I will be voting on Facebook today! I have decided to vote for the El Centro, CA community mainly because they top the charts at #1 right now for unemployment. Their community has a staggering 29.7% unemployment rate (according to the Department of Labor report found here: http://bit.ly/H1yxFK).  I hope all of you help support this worthy cause as well! It only takes a moment of your time.
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