8 weeks.

Cruz is 8 weeks old. It always goes by fast, I think I say that every week but I am having a hard time keeping up with how fast he is growing. I want to capture every minute of it so I never forget.

I can never decide who Cruz looks like. I think he looks quite a bit like a bennett (my side) but I also see little bits of jared too! so I guess we'll see overtime. We are in the middle of planning his blessing party and making sure we are all ready for that. My sister, emily came and stayed for the weekend and cuddled with Cruz a lot for a few days while we put some bushes in our backyard. It was fun having her stay.

I feel so blessed having little Cruz here and safe. He is such a sweet and smiley boy. He definitely knows how to whine and demand things but overall, he's a really good baby and brings our family so much joy!

Also on a side note, Cruz is definitely all boy! he toots and burps so loud! lol, I can't help but laugh however I live with a house of boys now and ussually find it less than adorable.